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While absent-mindedly browsing through the various livejournal communities which match interests, I noticed that there are very few communities which touch the subject of sailing and naval history - so I thought I'd join this one.

My area of interest lies more in 17th century naval history than 18th and 19th, especially so since I am Dutch and, as we all know, the zenith of Dutch naval power was experienced during this time.

Aside from this I love Melville, especially White Jacket and Moby Dick, and work on the Batavia shipyards in Lelystad the Netherlands, reconstructing the man-o'war "De Zeven Provincien" (or Seven Provinces) - Admiral Michiel De Ruyter's flagship, with which he sailed up the Thames sacking the British fleet, and taking their own flagship as a prize.

Anyhow, long story cut short. Thank you for letting me join!
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