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Mr. Nelson replied to my E-mail!


Dear Anna,
Thanks for the note. I spent many years sailing professionally and loved it. I assume you got my e-mail from my web site,, so you probably saw the pictures from the sialing days.
There are actually a lot of oppurtunites to sail on big sailing ships, either as a trainee or as a professional sailor. A lot of people start with no experience, just interest and enthusiasm. You should check out the web site of the American Sail Training Association, They are the parent organization for all of the big sailing ships in the country. If you click on Billet Bank you can see a listing of the types of jobs that are available. Of course you generally have to be 18 or older to get those jobs, but you might think about sailing as a trainee, and then when you were a little older you would have the experience to get a paying position.
Hope this is helpful. If I can hepl with anything else, let me know.
Jim Nelson
I sent him a message, which was: Dear Mr. Nelson, I'm a Maine local, and this evening I saw an interview with you on , I believe, WCSH6. I'm very facinated in Naval history as well, and am also a fan of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series (however, I'm still working on the first book). It sounds like you've enjoyed your sailing experience. I was wondering if you had any information or advice to pass on to another curious want-to-be sailor. The books you have written sound very interesting, and I am looking forward to reading them. Thank you very much! Sincerely, MandCPhreak, 15 Scarborough
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Wow, he was really helpful! I wonder if he'd have any advice for an Australian? Maybe I should e-mail him.